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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 16:06

In Yourself


“Have you faith? Have it in yourself before God

Paul (Romans, 14:22)

In the process of daily tasks, the person should not forget to trust themselves, as well as to maintain it doing those tasks they have to fulfill before God.

Those who live on the certainty of the divine promises have faith in the relative power that was entrusted in them. By increasing this power through their own effort, they go forward to a definitive edification, leading towards eternity.

However, those who remain discouraged about their possibilities, waiting for human promises, are like fragments of cork, without purpose, at the whim of waters, without route or harbour.

Naturally, no one can live on Earth without trusting, in someone from their friendship circle. Notwithstanding, affection, a friendly link, the warming of an elevated dedication cannot exclude the confidence in oneself, before the Creator.

In the sphere of each person, God can do anything. However. He expects, from His children, cooperation, will and confidence, in order to achieve their tasks. A father who had, automatically, made a plan for the happiness of his descendants would eliminate, in each one, their most brillant faculties.

Why should you be doubtful, if the Lord has given you this or that honest work? Therefore, do it honorably, for, if God trust you, then be confident before Him.


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